Curved Parking Block Session

 Andy Vasquez molded and made those four curved parking blocks… Nothing is more exciting than your friends doing creative things. Watch the killer session with Andy and the Lost Soul team.

Curved Parking Blocks with Andy Vasquez from Max Zahradnik on Vimeo

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Photo Dump

This post has no theme, just a random film photo dump from the past few months. I will be releasing my first photo zine this fall with the release of Shortwave #6, be on the look out!  It will be a collection of some old favorites and hidden treasures from the past 2 years. Enjoy these scraps for now…

Theo locked his keys in his truck, just as we were about to head out somewhere. At first it was a bummer. Then it actually ended up be a memorable hang out by the river, as we waited for AAA.

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The Yok and Sheryo are two Brooklyn based artists that have just finished a new wall called “Pipe Dreams” in Long Island City at 5 pointz in NYC. Keep an eye out for an upcoming interview with Sheryo in an issue of Shortwave!

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Shortwave & Sundays Zine Brooklyn Release!

On March 8th, Sundays and Shortwave Zines got together for a combined release at Free Candy in Brooklyn. The release featured art work by various artists from New York, Pennsylvania, and California.

Issue # 5
Cover by Davis Campbell

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Issue Numero Quatro!

On November 17th, last year, we released our first issue of Shortwave. On the same date a year later was issue #4. Held at Homebase Skateshop, friends from all over came out to support. Our friend and hero, Andy Vasquez, also premiered a video that night. On his d.i.y spot, Snake Side. It was a good night for skating in the valley…

Cover: Dylan James

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Shortwave #3 Release

The release of Shortwave issue #3 and the last days of summer.

Cover: Eric McHenry

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A Shortwave Summer

 And it’s not over yet…

Lorenzo’s about a week before the fire.

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A Visual History

FDR Skatepark: A Visual History, is a book created to show the birth and life of the well respected east coast park, FDR. An idea that started with Phil Jackson, Scott Kmiec, and Nick Orso, now three years later the book is making its official debut.


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Issue # 2 Release

On a fine night, friends gathered at Homebase Skateshop for the zine release of
Shortwave numero dos.

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